New Zealand, South Island

New Zealand, South Island

The Ultimate Wardrobe Guide:

Packing for an Overseas Autumn Shoot in New Zealand, South Island

If you’re gearing up for an overseas photography session amidst the spellbinding landscapes of South Island, New Zealand during the autumn season, I’ve got some crucial tips to ensure you have the best possible Pre-Wedding shoot experience. While the scenery is undeniably breathtaking, outfit choices could be a game-changer, something I’ve learned in my six years of wedding photography. Here’s the style guide I share with my couples.

Dealing with Unpredictable Weather

Let’s begin by discussing the weather. New Zealand’s South Island is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, often featuring massive mountains or the striking beauty of autumn leaves. However, the weather can be quite unpredictable. From clear skies to unexpected rain showers or even surprise snowfall, especially at higher altitudes, it’s vital to be prepared for anything.

Embrace the unpredictability of the weather by thinking about layers. Make sure to pack versatile clothing like thermal tops, waterproof jackets, and cozy scarves. It’s all about having a mix of outfits. Think elegant dresses and sharp suits for those special moments and casual wear for those candid shots.

Now, when it comes to the rain, you’ve got options. You can either brave the weather in your waterproof jacket, which can actually lead to some unique and memorable shots (just keep some dry clothes on standby), or you can use stylish umbrellas as props to add an artistic touch to your photos.

But here’s the big one: trust your photographer’s creative direction. When you let go of your worries and expectations, that’s when you’ll be at your happiest, and that’s when we can capture the best pictures.

Balancing Style with Comfort

Finding that sweet spot between style and comfort is the name of the game. Your outfits should be a reflection of your personalities, all while ensuring you’re feeling relaxed. Remember, your comfort will radiate in your photos. And the South Island’s natural beauty is the perfect backdrop, whether you’re going for a romantic, bohemian, or casual-chic vibe.

Think about outfits that not only look and feel fantastic but also give you the freedom to move comfortably. When you’re out in the great outdoors, rugged boots can be a smarter choice than heels for both style and safety.

I can’t stress enough how vital comfort is. When my couples feel at ease and confident in what they’re wearing, it makes for a more enjoyable photoshoot. You know, it’s not just about gowns and suits for pre-wedding shoots anymore. Casual wear is becoming more popular, and there are some great reasons for that, especially when you’re shooting overseas. One of the significant advantages is the flexibility it offers in terms of poses – you can go for candid shots, unique angles, and more.

Here at Multifolds, we’re not just in the business of capturing beautiful pictures; we care about your entire pre-wedding shoot experience. We want you to have the absolute best time.

Choosing the Right Colours Depending on the Backdrop

South Island’s landscapes often paint a beautiful white canvas, thanks to snow and ice. While it’s a stunning backdrop, it can be a bit tricky for choosing outfits. To really pop against all that white, steer clear of an all-white look. Go for bold colours like red, yellow, or blue to create a striking contrast.

On the other hand, if you’re surrounded by the warm hues of autumn leaves, avoid brown, yellow, or green. White can be a great choice here. Since the weather might be on the cooler side, think about layering. Adding patterns or textures can also give your photos more depth and a little extra visual interest.

When you’re planning an overseas photoshoot in South Island, New Zealand, especially in May, you’re in for some unforgettable moments. By being prepared for the unpredictable weather, finding the right balance between style and comfort, and picking the right colours, you’ll make sure your photos truly capture the magic of this unique place. Choosing the right colours also ensures that you and your loved ones are the stars of the show in your photos, amidst the grandeur of New Zealand’s beauty.

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