Singapore so boring one leh….

You know how people always say Singapore is tiny, and all the pre-wedding shoot spots are basically the same? Well, our story kicks off back in 2020 during the whole COVID mess. With global travel on pause, us Singaporean photographers were stuck with the same old locations that started feeling way too overdone.

So, Melvin and I were bored and decided to hunt for new photoshoot locations in Singapore. We started exploring off-the-beaten-path areas, going on hikes and basically trying to find new spots for our photoshoots. Turns out, there are hidden gems all around us; you just gotta look a bit closer.

And guess what? Today’s your lucky day because we’re letting you in on five secret spots in Singapore that does not look like Singapore. Forget the usual Singapore scene – get ready to discover a side of this city you probably never even knew existed!



First on the list - Tokyo

So, the first find on the list of - five secret spots in Singapore that does not look like Singapore is Tokyo. We stumbled upon this beautiful place one fine day when we are on the way to our office. Situated in busy streets of Geylang, this Japanese Tofu Shop stood out and caught our attention. When I first saw this place, it reminded me when I was back in Japan, in the food street shivering in the cold trying to order a bowl of ramen using the vending machine. It certainly brings back a lot of memories. Total nostalgia vibes.

Location: Fujiwara Tofu Concept Shop Singapore



Next up on our quest to prove Singapore’s not boring – London.

Ever had one of those days when you just wished for a slice of Abbey Road charm in Singapore? Well, we stumbled upon a little piece of Abbey Road right here. Picture this – one of those typical “Singapore’s so boring la” days. During our 2020 photo adventures, we decided to ditch the routine and explore our city with fresh eyes.

As we strolled through the streets, we found ourselves in a corner that exuded the iconic Abbey Road vibes, with rows of typical London residential buildings featuring those classic red brick walls. It created a scene reminiscent of the famous neighborhood. It was like stumbling upon a pocket of Abbey Road right in the heart of Singapore. The brick walls, the charming doors – it was an Abbey Road moment that shattered any notion of Singapore being monotonous.

Location: Chelsea Lodge



Fast forward to Melbourne

Now, you know how Singaporeans sometimes yearn for that vibrant cafe culture found in places like Melbourne. Well, here’s the scoop – we discovered a hidden gem in the West of Singapore that captures the essence of Melbourne’s cafe scene right at our doorstep. In the midst of the booming cafe culture in Singapore these days, this particular spot took me back to the moments when I used to drive up the Great Ocean Road for couple photoshoots. It’s like stumbling upon those cafe in the charming small towns along the way, where you stop for a breather and savour the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Location: Glass Roasters



On to Bali

Feeling those tropical Bali vibes? We’ve got just the spot. When you think of Bali, you imagine serene beaches and intricate structures that define the island’s cultural richness. Now, Singapore’s more known for its urban buzz, but lo and behold, we discovered a hidden gem that brought a touch of Bali’s architectural beauty to our city.

During one of our spontaneous explorations, we stumbled upon a secluded spot with Balinese-inspired structures, intricate carvings, and lush greenery. It was like stepping into a Bali sanctuary, right in the heart of Singapore. The intricacies of the structures, the tropical foliage – it was a moment of pure Balinese magic that proved our city’s ability to surprise and transport you to far-off lands.

Location: Sang Nila Utama Garden



Time for Amsterdam

Now, Amsterdam is often associated with its iconic flower fields, adding a burst of color to the city’s landscape. Singapore, on the other hand, is recognized for its modern skyline. But hey, we uncovered a spot that brought a touch of Amsterdam’s floral charm to our urban scene. On a day when we were determined to prove Singapore’s not just about skyscrapers, we ventured into the unknown.

And there it was – a picturesque spot reminiscent of Amsterdam’s famous flower fields. Blooms of vibrant colours and a tranquil atmosphere. It was like a piece of Amsterdam’s floral magic right here in Singapore. Trust me; it was a revelation that showcased our city’s ability to surprise with unexpected, diverse beauty.

Location: Near Marina Bay MRT Station

So, there you have it – our journey to debunk the “Singapore’s boring” myth, one surprising spot at a time. Abbey Road vibes, a nod to our historical ties with the British, Melbourne’s cafe culture, Bali’s architectural beauty, Amsterdam’s floral charm, and Tokyo – each offering a unique twist to our city’s landscape. Who said Singapore can’t surprise you? Get ready to explore these hidden gems and discover a side of Singapore you probably never knew existed!

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