General FAQ

What are your rates?

Head over to fill up this contact form (click above) & you will receive an email consisting of our rates shortly.

How do I confirm the booking? Do I need to make a deposit payment?

There will be a 50% deposit required to confirm the booking. Click Contact on the above to contact us.

Will we be able to arrange a meeting with the photographers before booking?

Meetings with the photographer are only arranged upon confirmation of the bookings due to large volume of enquiries on a daily basis, and our team of photographers are dedicated to servicing the current couples.

Should you have more questions for us regarding the rates or administrative matters you can opt for a virtual meeting (about 30mins) with our consultant. To enquire on the available meeting slots, please drop us a whatsapp message at +65 8774 2165

How long does it take for the photos to be delivered?

Our team handles everything in-house, including editing the photos! As such, please understand that we do our best to deliver good works and will take up to 90 days (starting from the shoot date) to deliver the edited photos.

Any packages with gown / bridal studios and make up artist?

Yes we do offer pre-wedding and actual day packages. Please click on "Packages" on the navigation bar above to view the packages that we offer!

Are we able to soft book your photographers?

Due to high volume of enquiries and bookings, we are not able to accept soft bookings and bookings are based on first come first served basis. We recommend confirming your booking at least 1 year in advance to secure actual day bookings.

When is the balance payment due?

The remaining balance payment is payable 1 day after the shoot date.

Are the prices nett or subjected to GST?

Rates as per ratecard are nett prices.

Pre Wedding FAQ

How many hours should I get if I would like to shoot at 2 locations?

It is recommended to opt for 3 hours for 2 locations, and 4 hours for 3 locations. You can choose to extend the photo session on the shoot date if required, subjected to the photographer’s availability.

Are the hours inclusive of the time required to travel between the shoot locations?

Yes, booking hours are inclusive of travelling time between shoot locations.

Will you guys advise us on the locations if we do not have an idea where we want to shoot?

Definitely! We encourage you to share with us locations that are special to you and your partner, as we believe that photos should be a reflection of your personalities and relationship. We are there to explore with you if you’re up for an adventure, or document you both at your favourite spots. We love the idea of personalization, because every couple has their own story. That's why we make it different for every couple.

When should the pre wedding session be done? Roughly how many months before actual day?

For a more well-paced wedding timeline, do schedule your Lovescapade session at least 4 months before your actual wedding date!

What if it is forecasted to rain on the shoot day? Will there be postponement fees?

Your photographer will check the weather forecast the day before, as well as on the day before the start of your make up and inform you if it is going to be a rainy day. Should you wish to postpone the shoot due to possible bad weather, there will be no postponement fees as long as the shoot is postponed before the team has started making their way down. Do check with your own make up artist on the postponement fees if applicable.

We are introverts / rarely have our photos taken! Will you guys guide us on how to pose?

We understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. We are here to make the experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for you. We will guide you through the entire process, including posing, to ensure that you feel confident and look your best in your photos. Our goal is to capture your unique personality and style, and we believe that the best way to do that is by making you feel relaxed and at ease during the shoot. So whether you are an introvert or simply someone who rarely has their photos taken, we are here to help you feel comfortable and create beautiful, timeless images that you will treasure for years to come.

Our working ideology is to entrust in us and in return, you can picture a multifolds.We don't simply snap photos. We take it a step further by bringing out the emotions and feelings attached to the photo.But above all this, we believe that the best approach to capturing a genuinely spontaneous moment is to create a fun and creative environment.

Actual Day FAQ

How many photos do we get back? Do we get all the images taken on our wedding day?

We do not limit the number of photos and would love to deliver as many photos as we can based on the content of your wedding! ◡̈

I noticed there’s only 6 or 10 hours! What if I need 8 hours?

You can opt to go for 6 hours Tying the Knot package, and add-on 2 hours as per ala carte pricing.

What if the break inbetween the 2 sessions is less than 4hours?

It will then be considered as hours that is part of the package.

Do we have to provide transportation & meals for the crew?

Yes. Couples will have to provide meals (for weddings of 4hrs and above) for our crew and transportation between the shoot locations (morning transport to the first location and after-shoot transportation home is not required). Our crew will usually take turns to have their meals so that they do not risk missing out on any moments at your wedding

Does the Videography include a video clip consisting of morning highlights? If not, how much is the top-up?

Our standard Tying the Knot Videography packages includes a copy of the Final Edited Movie that is delivered after your wedding day. Same Day Highlights is an optional top-up at $650.

Can the 6 hours tying the knot package bion be done? Roughly how many months before actual day?

The 6 hours package is designed for luncheon, and must be consecutive hours.

Can the 10-hour tying the knot package be split into 2 sessions?

Yes it can be split into 2 sessions within the same day, provided there is a minimum of 4hours of break time in-between the 2 sessions.

How many photographers are included in the package rates?

The rates include 1 main photographer for all projects.

Any other costs I should be aware of?

Please refer to the rate card, under the Add-Ons section for surcharges that may be applicable to you. If you would like to or have not received our ratecard, head over to fill up this contact form & you will receive an email consisting of our rates shortly!